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Receive guidance and resources from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to help navigate your child's challenging behaviors. Customized translation services for ABA providers are available as well. Let us help you and support you!
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Welcome to Bilingual Behavior Services! 

Bilingual Behavior Services, based in Central Florida, is your go-to solution for parent support services and ABA translation services. With a focus on helping parents navigate behavior challenges and providing ABA providers with Spanish resources, we're bridging the language gap in behavioral therapy. Led by a Spanish-speaking BCBA, we're passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

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About Me

Welcome to Bilingual Behavior Services! My name is Fressia Nurse, and I am a twin mom and a BCBA- Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I received my Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and my Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University. I have been in the behavioral field for 8+ years and have served clients ranging from 2-15 years of age.


I have found my true calling in this field; helping parents and ABA providers with my multiple skill sets, one of them being bilingual (Spanish speaking and writing). Through the years of working in the field, I have noticed the lack of resources and support for the Spanish speaking community due to limited availability of Spanish speaking BCBAs. This fueled my desire to start Bilingual Behavior Services.


My goal is to help improve the quality of life of the parents/ caregivers and child, and provide our ABA community with Spanish resources to help guide the Spanish speaking community.

My Services
Bilingual Solutions for Every Need
Parent Support Services

Are you a parent struggling with your child's behavior? Have you tried everything you can think of and nothing is working? If so, then book a free consultation with us to learn more on how we can help!​ Local and virtual services provided.

Translation Services

Are you a provider or ABA company looking for customized resources or trainings in Spanish? Bilingual Behavior Services offers customized Spanish resources and training services. Book a free consult with us to learn more about this service!

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